Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4 Reasons to Return to Your Roots

Here are the four reasons that I decided to quit dying my hair and return to my natural hair color:
  1. Time consuming salon visits added one more thing to my to-do list, creating unnecessary stress.
  2. Full foil highlights, cut, and tip came to nearly $200, which was just too much for me to stomach when there are so many other uses for that cash.
  3. I don't eat chemicals in my food, I try to avoid them in my home, but for some reason I was still smearing them on my scalp and inhaling the fumes. Not the wisest choice.
  4. I no longer felt the need to be beach bunny blonde... something I strongly identified with in my college years.  I think as I got older, it was just part of becoming more comfortable in my own skin.
About a year ago I asked my trusted stylist to identify my natural hair color, and give me an all-over tinting to make the transition look more put-together.  Of course, you expose yourself to the chemicals one last time and spend the money, but it will help if you are worried about looking unkempt during your transition. I saw it as taking one step back before making a leap forward.

Salons and Your Health

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