Monday, April 16, 2012

To Fe, or not to Fe

A recent home inspection revealed that my future house has the original Iron plumbing. (Fe = Iron, for those less nerdy readers.)  At first I was super worried about the cost to replace everything, and the struggle to live temporarily without water. As I researched the process, I learned that the most common replacement is PVC plumbing.

But wait... I'm trying to get rid of plastics in my home!  Why bother with upgrading to glass tumblers and storage containers if my water is pumped through plastic tubes first?  PVC is the go-to material for new construction and remodeled plumbing, but I'm not convinced about it's long term safety. 

Maybe Iron plumbing isn't so bad... don't women need more Iron in their diets anyways?  Does anyone know of any green alternatives for plumbing material?

PVC Health Hazards

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