Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving on Down

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, my hubby & I will soon be relocating.  While most people I know dread the whole process of moving, I can admit that it's truly one of my favorite things in life.  For me, it's an opportunity to refine my lifestyle and take a step closer to having a green, minimalist home.

GOING GREEN:  There are many opportunities go to green when finding a new home. I choose to "re-use" by moving into an existing older home, as opposed to building a new one. I'd like a home that needs some updates, so that I have an opportunity to surround myself with eco-friendly materials, green appliances, tankless water heaters, etc. (And I'm a fan of donation & recycling anything that goes out!)

GOING MINIMAL: When you have to pack everything you own into boxes, it makes you very aware of all the crap that you have.  Even though I've been reducing my "things" for a couple years now, there is still a lot of it left.  The process of packing and unpacking is the perfect opportunity to re-examine the less obvious clutter in life. For example, I've been revisiting cabinets and drawers that go unopened and unnoticed on most days... from the bottom of the coat closet to the top shelf in the laundry room!  I sort of forgot that I even had stuff there, which is a good indicator that I don't need it.

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