Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right Livelihood

A recent post by The Minimalist Mom got me thinking... she says that if you desperately need to go on vacation, maybe you ought to reflect on the quality of your day-to-day life.

This hit home for me as I prepare to relocate with my hubby and find myself a new job.   I feel that having the "right" job will make a big difference in loving my daily life. After all, a full time job does consume a large percentage of our waking hours.

Allow me to be less cryptic and confess that my line of work has not always been eco-friendly. I've worked in a chemical plant that makes the plastics I am now phasing out of my house. I've worked in a coal-fired power plant, which is why I can be skeptical of electric cars.  I've worked in the oil & gas industry, where I saw first hand the effects of emissions and spills.

Given my skill set, finding a job that supports my desire to live a green life will be a challenge. However, I have a strong personal belief that each of us should be our true and best selves in every aspect of life, including our work.

The Concept of Right Livelihood

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