Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pink Slime

I first learned about Pink Slime on Jamie Oliver's show Food Revolution.  Pink Slime is a mystery mixture of rejected fat, sinew, bloody effluvia, and occasional bits of meat cut from carcasses in the slaughterhouse, all of which has been "cleaned" with an Ammonia shower.  Originally used only in pet food, this yucky mix of chemically cleansed leftover bits made its way onto family dinner tables.

What disappoints me the most is that I don't think the average consumer even realizes what they are purchasing.  You look at the hamburger meat in the store and think, "It's pink, it looks like cow, I think we'll grill tonight." In reality, you're feeding your family something unknown.  Now, it's one thing if you KNOW what it is and make that decision, but that's not what's happening in most cases.

Often, this information is swept aside and labeled as "hippy granola crap" by the average buyer. However, there has been a recent shift in thought, and after the general public came to understand the issue, stores began to take notice.  Safeway, the 2nd largest grocer, recently announced they they will no longer be purchasing this pink slime and marketing it as meat to their customers.  Places like Whole Foods never carried it, but it's so nice to see a traditional grocery store embrace a higher standard.  Maybe things are changing.

Safeway refuses to sell Pink Slime

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