Friday, March 30, 2012

On my Soapbox, or rather, my Pink Slime Box

Today in the news, I saw that the makers of Pink Slime are complaining that if we no longer stock/sell this nasty product, then jobs will be lost... Why is it that people think this catch phrase of "lost jobs" is justification for poisoning families or continuing any unsafe/toxic practice?

Do you think we should have kept lead paint and leaded fuel, so the lead people wouldn't lose their jobs?  Do you think we should still behead people, so the executioner has a gig?  I know, lets bring back asbestos... I bet all of those factory workers would be thrilled.  Oh wait, no.

Here's an idea- why doesn't the beef industry re-purpose those plants & employees to make real food, if they are so concerned about the workers and their families.

Beef industry closes pink slime plants 

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